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Our General Sales Agent services to aircraft owners and operators in business aviation provides full sales, integrated customer care and marketing representation services for the European Markets, including UK, EMEA and CIS countries.

Intelligent Sales based on Real-Time Data

Our Sales & Quotation programmes for your fleet of aircrafts are individually tailored based on your requirements. Our extensive knowledge, up-to-date market researches are a great fit to your operation specifications Whilst we know that response time and accuracy is key, generating profit is only possible with the right price at the right time.

Integrated Customer Care & Operations

We handle the quotation process and liaise with your operations on everything important before flight confirmation, actual flight planning, live flight monitoring and customer care. Further, we provide concierge services, handling support and catering orders as a relieve to your flight operations team.

Aircraft Buy & Sell

Our specialised Aircraft Sourcing & Sale Partner supports all major brands across the Aviation Industry with broad expertise all further items to consider from the beginning.

Crew Training & Currency

Our crew sourcing depends on your demand and we source the right Crew for you, keep them trained and valid for their missions 365 days a year. 

International Flight Planning

Our own OCC provides international Flight Planning and Dispatch Services including local logistics alike Fuel supply, Airport Handlings and Catering being taken care of.

Accounting & Controlling

Finance & Controlling is all about data and we know how to use them to improve your overall cost & income. We Partner with a Finance & Accounting in Firm in Berlin to bring excellent results.

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